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Mrs. World Page: The Mrs. World Pageant was created to recognize the one person who contributes so much to modern life - the international married woman. Mrs. World serves as a showcase for may of the world's most glamorous, versatile and accomplished women and it also brings together at a critical time in history, married women from different backgrounds and cultures who share mutual hopes and aspirations for humankind. Mrs. World has been held around the world in Australia, Costa Rica, Russia, India, Vietnam, China and the United States. The 1989 Mrs. World Pageant marked the first time that an international pageant was broadcast throughout the Soviet Union. Since then, Mrs. World has been held in St. Petersburg, Sochi and Kaliningrad. Mrs. World successfully fosters greater communication, friendship and mutual understanding among all people.


Mrs. World Pageant

Alice Lee Giannetta, Mrs. World 2017® (Hong Kong)


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